Experience your Chakras Workshop

Experience your Chakras Workshop

On Saturday, August 27th, Amanda will be hosting this special 90-minute workshop from 11:30-1pm.

In yoga, the life force energy (otherwise known as “prana”) travels through the subtle body in a series of channels, called “nadis” which intersect at points of intensified energy, called “chakras.” In this workshop, we will be using yoga poses, breathwork, visualizations, sound and color to tap into the feeling of this energy in the body.

We will also be clearing, activating and cleansing these areas so you can experience them more off your yoga mat in day-to-day life. You will leave this workshop with your senses enlivened to the feeling of the energy centers in your body.

Amanda Jackson is RYT-200 trained, a certified sound healer through the Sound Conservatory and Spiritual Educator.

Space is limited and advanced registration is required. Cost $35 per person, $20 for Body Balance auto-renewal and annual members.


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