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At Body Balance Studios, we believe in the essential goodness of people. Since opening our doors in November of 2005, we have grown a diverse community rich in experience, joy, and rejuvenation. Our mission remains steadfast: to build relationships through excellent service and the wholehearted pursuit of health, mindfulness and serenity.

In December of 2014, Body Balance became Body Balance by Physioflow with the addition of current owner, Florina Tusa-Wyss. Florina is a native of Switzerland with an extensive background in physical therapy, teaching, and studio management. By sharing her culture and expertise, Florina is helping bring Body Balance to the next level.

We are excited to include you in this community and to welcome you to our new studios! We aim to provide a welcoming and supportive environment where everyone can feel comfortable.

Come join us at our beautiful new facility in McLaws Circle where you can relax, recharge, and grow!

Florina Tusa-Wyss

Florina Tusa-Wyss is the “Flo” in Body Balance by Physioflow. And, suffice it to say, she knows a lot about the body and how it works. Growing up in Zurich, Switzerland, Florina was able to focus on science from a young age. This interest combined with her compassion and warm personality drew her to a career in physical therapy. In the years after her initial training from University Hospital Zurich, Florina has continued to learn via a variety of programs and seminars. She is always up to date with the best standards and methods of physical therapy. It is her priority to maintain the highest quality service. During her career, Florina has worked for a variety of hospitals and clinics including University Hospital Zurich, Municipal Hospital Waid, and her own business, Savoir Vivre Santé et Ergonomie—a physiotherapy treatment and ergonomic consulting center.

In 2013, Florina left her business and Zurich behind to make a new home here in Williamsburg, where she has joined the team at Body Balance. Florina’s experience with the medicinal side of yoga and other restorative practices give Body Balance even deeper integrity, and she is a wonderful presence around the studio. Her calming energy and zeal for life are both encouraging and invigorating. She is a wonderful example for all who wish to live holistically and in a way that is healthful, fun, and full of adventure!

Patti DeBlass

Patti is our Studio Manager here at Body Balance. She is an E-RYT-200, RYT-500. She has Specialty Training in Yin Yoga, Trauma, PTSD, Yoga for Seniors, and is a Yoga Therapist. Patti has around 2,000 hours of teaching and is a member of Yoga Alliance and the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Aside from being the Studio Manager, she teaches Yin Yoga and Gentle Yoga regularly, but you might see her teaching and practicing just about any class!

Since Patti’s background is with Yoga Therapy, as a teacher you will notice that she always encourages students to assess how the posture feels within their body. She enjoys the challenge of creating a group class that is able to meet the needs of each individual. She teaches in a way that allows students to achieve personal exploration of their mind and body. She recommends her classes for anyone with an open mind who wants to explore all that yoga has to offer.

Patti finds joy in spending time with her family and her dogs. She enjoys being outdoors and allowing herself to hear and experience nature, as well as experiencing and visiting new places. Her personal favorite asana is the Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana), as she enjoys the feeling of being centered and experiencing the calming of the nervous system.

Amy Thomson

Amy has led over 1,088 classes here at Body Balance. She comes from a background in dance, and danced professionally for 16 years. Amy also has taught modern dance at various colleges and universities throughout Minnesota. She completed her 200 hour teacher training in accordance with the requirements of the Yoga Alliance through Buddha Balance Yoga School in 2014.

She teaches Gentle Yoga, Hot Yoga, Vinyasa, and Power Flow here at Body Balance. Amy teaches her classes from a place of compassion and curiosity. She is very interested in ones relationship to their body and how we relate to the world around us. She has had many movement influences in her life and draws from those as she teaches. Amy encourages students to listen to their bodies and find a sense of ease within each posture they move through. She believes yoga is for everyone, and welcomes any type of student in her classes!

Amy finds joy in spending time with family and friends, dance, yoga, art, and reading. She is grateful for all the opportunities she has to grow and develop and believes that we are never truly done learning. Her favorite asana is a forward fold, as she finds it ranges from easy to intense for each student. Amy loves that this shape allows her to look within, rest her thoughts, and move away from thinking.

Caroline Garrett Hardy

Caroline has close to 1,500 hours of yoga teaching under her belt. She is an E-RYT-200 and RYT-500. She completed her Vinyasa-flow training with Asheville Yoga Center, and is a member of Yoga Alliance.

At our studio, she teaches Gentle Yoga, and finds that her teaching style is upbeat yet straightforward. Caroline provides a lot of details to her students about beneficial body placement with an emphasis on movement, strengthening the core, and gaining flexibility. In Gentle Yoga, she makes sure to add a special emphasis on mindfulness and breathing. She recommends Gentle Yoga for anyone seeking renewal and inspiration who wants a more in-depth instruction or who is less familiar with yoga.

Personally, Caroline enjoys learning and creating. To stay challenged, it is essential for her to keep learning. She loves people and thrives off of her family, friends, and relationships with others. She also finds joy in making and exhibiting artwork and traveling. Her favorite asana in yoga changes several times a year, but one of her constants is a backbend/danurasana as it opens the heart and invigorates. She also enjoys trikonasana because it opens up the hips and provides a stretch of the spine, making her feel so alive.

Mary Robinson

Mary is a RYT-200. She teaches Hot Yoga and Vinyasa at Body Balance. Her teaching style is focused on compassion and balance for the mind and body. She teaches yoga to cultivate compassion in herself and others, and hopes that through teaching she can create a sense of compassion for the self, for all beings, and for our World.

Her class is suitable for people of all levels and she recommends her class for any student. She finds joy in her family, yoga, reading, baking, being outside, and spending time with good company. Her favorite asana is Standing Bow, as she loves the strength of opposing forces in the body creating ease to find the perfect balance.

Shomer Zwelling

Shomer, has accumulated over 1,700 teaching hours, is an E-RYT 200, and a member of Yoga Alliance. He has done extended workshops in Yin Yoga, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, and Yoga for Seniors. These workshops have all had an impact on his teaching and practice.

As a yoga teacher, Shomer is kind and gentle, non-judgmental, and meditative with a focus on a free-flow of internal mind-body communications without domination or control. He likes to create a calm and quiet sense of subjective attunement in his class, and welcome all students from beginners to experienced. He appreciates curious and inquiring students as well.

Shomer finds joy in spending time with family, walking, travel, silent meditation retreats, yoga, music, laughing, and sitting outside with a glass of iced green tea on a hot Virginia summer day recalling and reflecting on a previous night’s dreams. His personal favorite asana is a reclined butterfly. When done in a safe setting toward the end of a class, he loves the openness, vulnerability and timelessness this asana offers.

Laura Brown

Laura is a Yoga Alliance member and a RYT-200, close to completing RYT-500 with Shanti Garudasana Yoga School. She has completed special training and workshops on Yoga Anatomy, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Yoga for Seniors, and Music in Yoga. She has also completed training to teach barre classes and sometimes incorporate related techniques into her classes.

She teaches Hot Yoga here at Body Balance. Yoga came into her life at a time when she was battling anxiety and the stresses of modern life, and she uses her position as a yoga teacher to help give students tools to find a sense of calm and purpose in their life. Her classes are ideal for all practitioners, and each class will have its own unique flavor and energy with the familiarity of the regular sequence while allowing you to find the best expression for you as an individual.

Laura finds happiness in singing, playing piano, event planning, her dog, and various forms of art. While yoga and meditation bring joy in themselves, they also grant her the ability to enjoy her favorite activities in the moment. Her personal favorite asana is Warrior II. This asana has taught her the most of any single posture, and in it she learned how to engage her body from toes to crown. It helps her to contemplate the past and the future, as well as how they connect in the present moment.

Valerie Hollar

Valerie is a RYT-200 and will be a RYT-500 this year. She is trained in Vinyasa, Senior Yoga, Yin, Gentle, Children, and Yoga Wheel and is a member of Yoga Alliance with over 250 hours of teaching. She teaches Hot Yoga, Vinyasa, Yin, and Gentle Yoga here at Body Balance.

As a teacher, she strives to be creative, using music and breath as influences. Her classes are each a little different, even in the hot sequence. She creates custom playlists across all music genres for each class, and you will rarely see a repeated playlist in her classes. She believes and teaches that breath is the foundation of every pose in every class. Her classes are suitable for practitioners of all experience from beginning to advanced, and she makes sure they are accessible for anyone.

Her joy is found in sunshine, music, the sounds of her kids laughing, and sharing yoga with others. Her favorite asana is Wild Thing (or Camatkarasana). Camatkarasana means the ecstatic unfolding of the raptured heart, which explains this heart opening backbend perfectly. It used to be an intimidating pose to her, but she now takes every opportunity for this asana. She loves teaching students ways to get into this asana so they can experience it also.

Regina Owens

Regina is a RYT-500. She has completed over 2,000 hours of teaching, and here at Body Balance teaches Hot Yoga, Vinyasa, and Flow.

She believes her teaching style is energetic and challenging, and she welcomes all students into her classes. She recommends her classes for students who practice regularly and are looking to deepen and challenge their practice.

Spending time with her family, traveling, and boating are what brings her joy. Her favorite asana is Urdhva Kukkutasana (Upward Cock Pose), as this is a pose that she has practiced together with her oldest son. In this pose, one starts in an inversion and then works their legs into full lotus and moves into an arm balance.

Nora Cho

Nora is a RYT-200 and completing RYT-500 this fall. She has completed workshops for Yin Yoga, Yoga for Seniors, and Yoga Anatomy. She has 140 hours of teaching and is a member of Yoga Alliance. At Body Balance, Nora teaches Vinyasa.

She would describe her teaching style as challenging, yet fun. She enjoys creating a class environment that allows students to challenge themselves and enjoys creating a new playlist for each class. She would recommend her class for anyone who likes to have fun while working hard.

Hearing her kids laugh with each other and helping people achieve a goal or to feel good about themselves is what brings her joy. Some of her favorite things to do outside of the yoga studio include being with her family, spending time outside, and eating large amounts of ice cream! Her favorite asana is balasana because it allows her to shut out the world around her, quiet the mind, and also get a good stretch throughout the back and hips.

Leslie Scarlett

Leslie is a RYT-200 and trained in Vinyasa, Restorative, Gentle, and Yin Yoga. Here at Body Balance, she teaches Hot Yoga and Vinyasa. She is a member of Yoga Alliance and has over 1,500 teaching hours. She enjoys teaching a variety of students from beginner to experienced.

As a yoga teacher, Leslie recognizes the importance of proper alignment for students in her class. This is important because it lessens the chance for injury and it allows students to experience the fullness of the asana. She tends to give a lot of verbal cues as well as allow the student time to get into the different asanas. Her classes are beginner friendly and she welcomes all students.

She finds joy in walking anywhere, especially in cities. Her personal favorite asana is Warrior II, because in this asana you are able to engage every muscle in your body and at the same time release tension and drop into a meditative space.

Missy Kerner

Missy is a RYT-500. She has completed Y12SR training with Nikki Meyers and has completed many hours of continuing education with teachers including Jimmy Barken, Seane Corn, Sadi Nardine, Kathering Budig, and Matthew Sanford. She is the Director of Buddha Balance Yoga School and is a member of Yoga Alliance.

Missy has more than 3,000 hours of teaching and teaches Hot Yoga, Vinyasa, and Gentle Yoga here at Body Balance. She teaches open level classes that challenge students to slow down and drop in to where they are in the moment. Her goal is to meet every client where they are and offer them the opportunity to leave feeling successful and revived. She finds joy in spending time with her children and family, traveling, and enjoying quiet time on a beautiful beach.

Colleen Wellinghoff

Colleen is a RYT-200 and has been trained in Yin Yoga with Shanti Garudasana, Handstand/Inversion training with Jay Miles, and has completed the Cantienica workshop. She has well over 900 hours of teaching. At Body Balance, she teaches Hot Yoga, Vinyasa, and Flow.

Her teaching style is one that focuses on body consciousness/awareness as well as mind awareness. She tells her students what muscles to engage and where they should be feeling it in that moment. Colleen is detail oriented in her approach, and always offers modifications and is acutely aware of the various levels of students from beginner to advanced. She believes that teaching is not just instruction, but the opportunity to transform people’s minds in how they approach their life on a daily basis.

She finds joy in being with family. She enjoys teaching and practicing yoga, going for long walks, reading a good book, watching her children play sports, going to church, and connecting with friends. Her favorite asana is Ardha Chandrasana, as she loves that it is an opening posture as one side of the body stacks on top of the other side. This asana leads her to feel strong and happy and she tries to incorporate it into as many of her flow classes as possible.

Denise Fernandes

Denise is a RYT-200 through In Balance Yoga, certified in Kemetic Yoga, and trained in Crystal Reiki I. She has over 500 hours of teaching, and teaches Hot Yoga here at Body Balance.

She teaches a moderately paced class that encourages students to be introspective and practice yoga their way. She recommends her classes for students of all experience from beginner to intermediate. Her personal favorite asana is vrikshasana (tree pose) because it allows everyone to come into their own unique expression. This asana also reminds us all that we are rooted here on earth through our feet, and that our spirits can reach high to the heavens through our outstretched limbs and open hearts and minds. We are limitless!

She personally finds joy in spending time with family and friends, teaching and practicing yoga, spending time in meditation, bike riding, sewing, and needlecraft. She also enjoys spending time at the beach and near any body of water.

Cindy Crace

Cindy is an E-RYT 500 and a C-IAYT. She is a member of Yoga Alliance and The International Association of Yoga Therapists, and has over 3,000 hours of teaching. At Body Balance, Cindy teaches Yin and Vinyasa. She is also a Director of the Shanti Garudasana Yoga School.

Her teaching style is one that is holistic and therapeutic in its approach. She welcomes all levels of students into her classes and encourages it.

Cindy finds joy in spending time with her family and with her “zoo” of pets! She enjoys outdoor sports and especially loves sculling on the James River. Her personal favorite asana is the Garudasana, the Eagle being the King of all birds. She loves the symbolism of hugging into oneself and all that it represents – the importance of self care, self love, mindfulness of our body, and turning within with gratitude for everything our body does for us.

Allyson Hopkins

Allyson is a Medical Massage Therapist and Advanced Massage Therapy Instructor, including being trained in Neural Reset Therapy. She currently teaches Hot Yoga at Body Balance.

Her teaching style is straightforward and simple. Allyson focus on leading her students in practice wherever they find themselves that particular evening. She recommends her class for all types of students, and finds that her classes are appropriate for all levels. A beginner will find support and suggestions and an advanced student will be able to take deeper expressions and challenge themselves.

Allyson finds joy and beauty in nature and tending to the earth on her small organic farm to produce her own food, flowers, and eggs. She loves working with her hands with jewelry and fabrics. She is committed to using her skills to educate, strengthen, and heal people naturally. Her favorite asana is Uktasana. While it may seem like a simple pose, she believes that it can be as incredibly powerful and as complex as you like and that being in the center of your own power is a beautiful thing!

Michelle Georges

Michelle has been with Body Balance since its founding in 2005. She has practiced yoga for over 35 years, and began her yoga training in the 1990’s in Ashtanga. Upon the opening of Body Balance, she became certified in Hot Yoga by Bikram trained teachers. While she has lost track of teaching hours over the years, it is safe to assume that they are now in the thousands!

She teaches Hot Yoga, Vinyasa, and Gentle Yoga here at Body Balance. She is constantly looking for ways to expand her knowledge and has recently been trained in yoga for athletic people with aging joints and injuries, yoga for women in menopause, and yoga for scoliosis. Her next goal is to get further involved with Yin Yoga. In Michelle’s classes, she aims to be relaxed, warm, and nurturing. She is always working to make sure that the needs of the clients in each class are met and is willing to make changes as necessary to meet these needs.

She works to lead herself in a way that projects positivity. She has found that purpose and productivity are worthy goals in life, and tries to make a difference in the lives of others daily. Her personal favorite asana is a shoulder stand and then moving into fish…especially after long days in the ICU on her feet.

Amy Zrakovi

Amy has been practicing yoga for nearly 20 years and teaching it for 12 years. She has a Masters degree in teaching, which she finds allows her to anchor herself and deliver a direct and clear practice. She is a RYT-200.

At Body Balance, Amy teaches Hot Yoga, and loves the heat and routine that comes along with this class. She enjoys bringing positive energy to the room and finds the client’s appreciation for the practice to be very rewarding. Amy would recommend students who enjoy the routine of the hot series to take her class.

She is thankful for her children, husband, parents, sisters, and Dog Street run club friends. She finds joy in running, reading, cooking for her family, constantly learning, teaching and practicing yoga, spending time at the beach, visiting with friends, and bike rides with her husband and friends. Her personal favorite asana is pigeon, as it is both therapeutic and challenging at the same time.

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