Our Studio

Our studio was totally renovated in 2015 to create a unique and spa-like experience.

According to Florina Tusa who was the owner of the studio at the time, her inspiration for the design came from her love of birch trees and the desire to bring the beauty of nature inside the studio.

The results are truly stunning!

Large Yoga Studio

Our large yoga studio is where our bigger and more intensive classes take place, such as Hot Yoga and Warm Vinyasa Flow. The large studio is equipped with a large wall of full-length mirrors, adjustable wall-lighting, and a state of the art heat and humidity distribution system. Throughout your class, the air in the studio continues to be recycled with clean air in order to optimize your class

Small Yoga Studio

Smaller and Private classes are taught in our small yoga studio. This studio is about half the size of our large studio, which allows for a smaller and more intimate class setting. It is equipped with full-length mirrors and barres, and adjustable wall- lighting in order to create the perfect atmosphere for a particular class.

Therapy Room

The therapy room is for individual therapy appointments. It is calm, relaxing, and equipped with a state of the art treatment table, sink, and adjustable lighting. Here, Florina is able to focus and treat on your unique physical issues.

Locker Rooms

Our locker rooms are fully equipped with private showers, sinks and mirrors, cubbies, towels, and phone charger ports. This is a clean and relaxing setting to either prepare for class or get ready for the rest of your day!

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