15 Yoga Intentions For Your Practice

15 Yoga Intentions For Your Practice

Have you ever stepped into a yoga class and the teacher asks you to set an intention for your practice, but your mind just comes up blank? Me too! It can be hard to think of a meaningful intention on the spot, so here is a list of 15 simple, yet effective, intentions for your yoga practice.

These intentions are short and concise so that they can be repeated during class and you can center your energy around them while practicing. You may choose a new intention from this list each day you practice or maybe one stands out to you that you can focus on this month or this season of your life. Try out a few and see which ones feel right to you and your practice!

Namaste yogis!

15 Yoga Intentions

1. I am loved.
2. I am enough.
3. I am present.
4. I am relaxed.
5. I am proud.
6. I am grounded.
7. I am living my best life.
8. I am living life in the present moment.
9. I am putting myself first and prioritizing my needs.
10. I am calming the mind, soul, and body.
11. I am strong both mentally and physically.
12. Gratitude.
13. Self-love or self-compassion.
14. Breath.
15. Inhale. Exhale.

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