Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Practice

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Practice

Be Fully Present for Your Practice

Allow yourself to be 100% present for your practice. Yoga class is one of the few places where we can truly immerse ourselves in the present moment, so give yourself permission to show up fully for the 60 or 75 minutes of class.

Minimize any distractions that might prevent you from being totally present for your practice. This includes cell phones! Cell phones are prohibited from the yoga room as they create a distraction for everyone. If you find that a smart watch distracts you, leave it outside the yoga room as well.

Use Props Wisely 

Blocks, blankets, and straps are all tools that can enhance your experience on the mat. It’s sometimes mistakenly thought that using a prop means you aren’t “advanced” enough to practice without the prop, but the truth is quite the opposite. Just like an artist uses tools to sculpt or paint, props are simply tools to assist you throughout your practice.

Due to COVID-19 precautions, we are limited in the props we can offer, but you can always bring props of your own from home. Talk to your teacher about what is most appropriate for your practice.

Deepen Your Practice

Group classes are a great way to practice regularly and feel a sense of community. Feel free to ask your teacher questions after class if you need clarification on anything you’re experiencing in practice.

When you’re ready to take your practice to the next level, sign up for a workshop that will deepen your knowledge about a specific area of yoga. In workshops, you will learn a greater level of detail and enjoy more interaction with your teacher than you do in a typical class.

If you seek one-on-one instruction and direct feedback on your practice, consider scheduling a private session with your teacher. Private sessions allow you to focus on the areas that are important to you and will help you meet your personal goals. Talk to your teacher about scheduling a private session.

Written by Jessica Ruff
RYT-500 yoga instructor at Body Balance Williamsburg

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