Why yoga? Why now?

Why yoga? Why now?

If you practice regularly you already know the answer! Since Yoga is a work in and not a work out, we are turning our awareness inwards. In these times of virus, flu and market upsets the toll of stress makes us more vulnerable to all disease. You need to be extra diligent to keep your self healthy not only during this virus outbreak but for the long run! 

As yogis, we learn to listen to our bodies and it is in that listening we keep our selves healthy!  So, if you are interested being proactive in your health journey sign up for class.

And here’s some things we are doing to keep you safe at Body Balance! 

We have always been diligent in cleaning, as you already know if you practice with us – we have kicked it up a notch! We are doing all the recommendations to the nth degree. We have limited the number of spaces in our classes so you can put that recommended distance between you and another client. We are providing wipes tissues and paper towels all over the studio so they are easily accessed 

SO what are you waiting for ….. click here to sign up for class today to be sure you have a spot!


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