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At Body Balance Studios, we believe in the essential goodness of people. Since opening our doors in November of 2005, we have grown a diverse community rich in experience, joy, and rejuvenation. Our mission remains steadfast: to build relationships through excellent service and the wholehearted pursuit of health, mindfulness and serenity.

In December of 2014, Body Balance became Body Balance by Physioflow with the addition of current owner, Florina Tusa-Wyss. Florina is a native of Switzerland with an extensive background in physical therapy, teaching, and studio management. By sharing her culture and expertise, Florina is helping bring Body Balance to the next level.

We are excited to include you in this community and to welcome you to our new studios! We aim to provide a welcoming and supportive environment where everyone can feel comfortable.

Come join us at our beautiful new facility in McLaws Circle where you can relax, recharge, and grow!

Missy Kerner

Body Balance - Missy Kerner - Williamsburg, VA

“The cultivation of a like minded community of people is what feeds my desire to teach. I want to create safe space for people to expose themselves to the truth of who they really are – A great teacher is one that can elevate you beyond the limitations of your own mind.”

Amy Thomson

Body Balance - Amy Thomson - Newport News, VA

“I am inspired by the vision of the studio, the amazing teachers and staff. We offer a holistic approach to health and I believe the studio represents that. There is a clear intention of helping students connect mind, body, and spirit. I am so very grateful to be a part of something this magical.”

Denise Fernandes

Body Balance - Denise Fernandes - Virginia Beach

“I LOVE teaching yoga because no matter what your background or frame of reference, yoga gives us all a universal opportunity to turn inward, take stock, cleanse, refresh and restore so that we can project our authentic self to the world with mindfulness, gratitude, compassion, love and kindness.  It is during the stillness of practice that the mind, body and spirit connections are unified with the breath, our life force, promoting the awakening of our true self.  It is a JOY, HONOR & PRIVILEGE to share this with others. Namaste.”

Brady Goggin (guest teacher)

Body Balance - Brady Goggin - Suffolk, VA

“I hope that I can inspire my students to find the mental and physical benefits of yoga and allow them to grow and deepen their practice.  I find that through teaching I gain the same benefits as practicing asana.”

Julia Conlee

Body Balance - Julia Conlee - Yorktown, VA

“To be in the present moment with someone is a gift. The gift of attention is perhaps the most precious and envied of all, even though we do not always realize it.” — Piero Ferucci

Colleen Wellinghoff

Body Balance - Colleen Wellinghoff - Jamestown, VA

“I teach to share with others how great you can feel when you allow yourself to completely embrace the practice.  The results are amazing …. you walk off your mat energized yet relaxed, open yet intact, inspired and awakened.  There is nothing like it!”

Judith Cash

Body Balance - Judith Cash - Hampton Roads

“I teach yoga because I love sharing with others something that has made a difference in my life and that can be totally individualized. Practicing yoga feeds my soul.  Teaching it feeds my spirit. Namaste.”

Sapta Yin (guest teacher)

Body Balance - Sapta Yin - Virginia Beach, VA

“Teaching yoga for me is a way to further engrain the practice of fully showing up in each moment with the values I wish to live by- love over fear, acceptance over judgment, strength and resolve in conscious action. I love to be a part of the camaraderie found when a whole class of people from different walks of life come together to just live, move, and breathe in the one thing we all have in common- this miracle we call life.”

Anna Nelson

Body Balance - Anna Nelson - Chesapeake, VA

“I teach yoga because I want to share what I love and I learn something new from the students every time I teach.”

Shomer Zwelling

Body Balance - Shomer Zwelling - Williamsburg, VA

“I like helping to create a peaceful, enlivening environment, one in which both regulars and new timers can become attuned to body, mind and spirit, to their natural presence.  I also like synchronizing and sharing music I love with physical movements that strengthen, stretch and illuminate–pure fun and immensely satisfying.”

Mary Robinson

Body Balance - Mary Robinson - Williamsburg, VA

“I teach yoga to cultivate compassion in myself and in others. Through teaching, I hope to inspire a sense of compassion for the self (mind and body), for all beings and for our World.”

Heather Guntherberg

Body Balance - Heather Guntherberg - Williamsburg, VA

“I am so grateful for the strength, balance, and peace yoga has provided me with. I love to share this practice with others; praying that they too are able to find their own sense of balance.”

Body Balance - Floroina Tusa-Wyss - Williamsburg, VA

Florina Tusa-Wyss is the “Flo” in Body Balance by Physioflow. And, suffice it to say, she knows a lot about the body and how it works. Growing up in Zurich, Switzerland, Florina was able to focus on science from a young age. This interest combined with her compassion and warm personality drew her to a career in physical therapy. In the years after her initial training from University Hospital Zurich, Florina has continued to learn via a variety of programs and seminars. She is always up to date with the best standards and methods of physical therapy. It is her priority to maintain the highest quality service. During her career, Florina has worked for a variety of hospitals and clinics including University Hospital Zurich, Municipal Hospital Waid, and her own business, Savoir Vivre Santé et Ergonomie—a physiotherapy treatment and ergonomic consulting center.

In 2013, Florina left her business and Zurich behind to make a new home here in Williamsburg, where she has joined the team at Body Balance. Florina’s experience with the medicinal side of yoga and other restorative practices give Body Balance even deeper integrity, and she is a wonderful presence around the studio. Her calming energy and zeal for life are both encouraging and invigorating. She is a wonderful example for all who wish to live holistically and in a way that is healthful, fun, and full of adventure!

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