Class Descriptions

We offer a large variety of classes in order to provide our members with a full range of options that meet their interests and fitness goals.  The following is a list of the classes we currently offer; these descriptions are listed in order of difficulty with the easier classes being listed first and the more challenging classes are listed towards to end.

Gentle Restorative Yoga
This soothing practice is designed to restore the nervous system and help release deeply held tensions from the body and mind. Props may be used to support the postures while gently stretching and strengthening the body. Living in a fast-paced world, it can be a relief to slow down, breathe deeply, and fully inhabit the body through mindful movement. With a focus on proper alignment and the use of modifications, this style of practice can accommodate all levels of experience. This class is beginner friendly and open to all levels.


Candlelight Restorative
This practice is set in a soothing candlelight environment with soft music. Candlelight Restorative focuses on poses that promote relaxation and restoration to help relieve the effects of chronic stress. The use of props and individual modifications will provide gentle openness to the body with maximum comfort for release and rejuvenation. These restful postures require minimal effort and are held for several minutes, allowing practitioners time and space to deepen and soften. Embrace profound peace, deep relaxation, and rejuvenation of the body, mind, and spirit in this practice.


Yin Yoga
Yin Yoga is a quiet contemplative practice that works deeply into our body with passive longer-held floor poses targeting hips, pelvis, inner thighs and lower spine. This practice targets the deepest connective tissues of our body, ligaments, joints, bones and fascia. As you are guided, each pose is held between 3 to 5 minutes using the support of props, soft music and low lights. Energetically, Yin yoga improves the energy flow as we breathe deeply bringing more life force/Chi into the body. If you are tired and craving energy or you’re over- stimulated and have too much energy this is a great class to find balance for both body and mind. Open to all levels


Gentle Flow Yoga
This practice is designed to release tension, connect with the breath, and help students gain strength and flexibility. Classical hatha yoga postures will be used along with the use of props and modifications to accommodate individual needs. A mind-body connection will be emphasized to leave practitioners feeling relaxed, refreshed, and at ease. This class is beginner friendly and appropriate for students of all levels.


Tai Chi/Qigong Gentle Flow
Tai Chi/Qigong Gentle Flow consists of gentle stretches and graceful movements developed from the ancient Chinese methods of Tai Chi and Qigong. Movements are slow, circular, and performed from a stationary posture. This practice is low impact but still highly aerobic and accessible to everyone. No prior experience is necessary.


Pilates Yoga
Pilates Yoga offers a full body practice that balances strengthening and lengthening. The first 20-30 minutes include Pilates movements for core strengthening which prepares the body for greater overall stability. The remaining time offers traditional yoga poses and ends with savasana. All yoga practices benefit from increased stability. Strength and stability work together, having a direct effect on standing and balancing poses. Pilates Yoga emphasizes the benefits of working with opposites: from slower, more static poses to dynamic, flowing movements that add flexibility. This class will vary but it will always include core work in the beginning followed by dynamic yoga poses. This practice is accessible to all levels and will always be geared to the individual needs of its practitioners.


Hot Yoga
Hot Yoga is a vigorous practice suited for all levels of students, from beginners to advanced yoga practitioners. The series has 30 postures and is practiced in a heated room set to 105 degrees with 40% humidity. The heated room creates an environment that helps warm muscles, soothe tendons and joints, and flush toxins from the body through heavy sweating. This practice improves balance, strength, and flexibility.


Warm Slow Flow
Warm Slow Flow is a slower, more reflective vinyasa flow that leads practitioners through longer holds of the poses in a moderately heated room. Set to soothing music, longer holds and slower transitions allow for greater refinement of alignment and a deeper inner exploration of each pose. This class is wonderfully suited to those new to the vinyasa style of yoga. Modifications are always offered to accommodate all personal practices. The slower pace can also benefit seasoned vinyasa practitioners by offering strength building and opportunity explore technique in more detail and allow for a deeper experience of vinyasa. The room will be around 80 degrees.


Vinyasa is a dynamic, “flowing” style of yoga that connects movement with breath. Often called vinyasa flow, it is an energetic yet graceful practice that leads students through a sequence of poses that strengthens and lengthens the body. Vinyasa emphasizes fluid, conscious movement as students move with the breath from one posture to the next for a dynamic and transformative practice. The room will be moderately warm, but not hot. Prior experience is recommended but not required.


Multi-Level Flow
This is an all-levels vinyasa-style practice that connects movement and breath. This dynamic, graceful practice leads students through a sequence of poses that strengthens and lengthens the body while emphasizing body awareness. Sun salutations, standing poses, balancing poses, core work, and seated postures will be offered. Appropriate modifications are always available to meet individual needs. All levels welcome.


Warm Vinyasa Flow
A dynamic “flow style” class in a heated room of 80-85 degrees. Poses are linked through breath for an athletic and transformative practice. Students will be lead through standing poses, backbends, twists, and forward folds with introduction to inversions, arm balances, and deep relaxation. Modifications will be offered to accommodate individual practices. Prior experience is recommended but not required.


Sunday Morning Flow
Sunday Morning Flow Vinyasa is a transformative fusion of flow and clear alignment designed to connect you to your inner most self. A dynamic practice that unites heart, breath, and alignment, you’ll move through a graceful sequence to strengthen, lengthen, and challenge the body. The principles of yoga and inspiring messages from sacred texts are woven in, empowering you to feel more centered both on and off the mat. Open to all levels, but prior vinyasa experience suggested.

“The real vinyasa, or link, however, is the intention with which you practice the asanas.” David Life

Feel Good Flow
This all-levels “Feel Good” vinyasa flow will warm the body, focus the attention, and leave you feeling open and balanced. We’ll keep it simple, playful, and fun as we transition into the weekend. All levels of practice welcome.


Sunrise Flow
Get your morning started off right with this dynamic vinyasa practice that will awaken your body, focus your mind, and connect you with your breath. Energetic yet mindful, this all-levels practice will open the body and cultivate strength. Practitioners can expect sun salutations, standing and balancing postures, core work, seated postures, and occasional arm balances and inversions. Appropriate modifications are always encouraged.


Hot Vinyasa
Hot Vinyasa is a dynamic “flow style” class in a room heated to 105 degrees. This class differs from the traditional hot series of 26 poses. Students will be lead through standing poses, backbends, twists, and forward folds and deep relaxation. Poses are linked through breath for an athletic and transformative practice. Modifications will be offered to accommodate individual practices. Prior experience is recommended but not required.

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