July, 2021

Have you ever stepped into a yoga class and the teacher asks you to set an intention for your practice, but your mind just comes

July, 2021

At 105 degrees and 40% humidity Hot Yoga could be the class you sign up for when Hades freezes over! But let me see if

March, 2021

A large part of yoga is cultivating positivity within yourself and one of the most powerful ways to do that is through the use of affirmations! Affirmations can be quotes, sayings, or mantras that you can repeat to yourself daily to bring awareness to a specific area of your own life.

February, 2021

Be Fully Present for Your Practice Allow yourself to be 100% present for your practice. Yoga class is one of the few places where we

July, 2020

Vinyasa is a dynamic, “flowing” style of yoga that connects movement with breath. Often called vinyasa flow, it is an energetic yet graceful practice that leads students through a sequence of poses that strengthens and lengthens the body.

June, 2020

The Vedas, Pre Classical, Classical, Post Classical, Modern

March, 2020

If you practice regularly you already know the answer! Since Yoga is a work in and not a work out, we are turning our awareness

January, 2016

Have you ever been in a yoga class (or any class for that matter) and the instructor says something that sounds like it's straight out

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