Certified CANTIENICA® Training in Williamsburg, VA: January 2019


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Body Balance - Cantienica - Body-form & Posture

CANTIENICA® – Method for Bodyform & Posture is a vivatomically substantiated posture and movement concept.


Boyd Balance - Cantienica - Williamsburg, VA

“Logical vivatomy, vivatomical logic” – that’s what Benita Cantieni named her method. Why? Because all bones are stretched and aligned according to the original blueprint of the human body, in a way that all of its muscles, chords, ligaments, and fascias obtain their basic tonus and a vivid tension. In an optimal posture (with an errect spine), strength, flexibility and stamina are trained from the core of the body, i.e. its deepest muscle layers. The CANTIENICA® method also brings about beauty benefits: The muscles forming the inner pelvic floor (levator ani) activate the muscles in the back, the abdomen, the buttocks and the legs and therefore improve shape and posture extremely fast and effectively. Practicing the CANTIENICA® method gives you a good and healthy constitution, fostering self-esteem and radiance – independently of your age, size or weight.

More About Benita

Florina Tusa-Wyss

Florina is a certified Cantienica instructor since 2005 and she is currently using this methodology in her core to the floor classes at Body Balance. We are very proud to host Benita and want to bring the Cantienica Method closer to our US customer. The method is a huge success in central Europe!



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