Celebrating Love with Special Events, New Pilates Barre Class & Final Holiday Challenge Results

Celebrating Love with Special Events, New Pilates Barre Class & Final Holiday Challenge Results

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” Buddha

Special Valentine’s Day Events

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we are hosting two special events on our “Two Hearts” weekend! At the heart of Valentine’s Day is the desire to love one’s self, and taking care of your health is part of self-care and is an important step on your journey to self-love!

“Galentine’s” Day Restorative Yin Yoga & Sound Bath


Celebrate yourself with indulgence during our 90 minute healing and relaxation “Galentine’s” Day Event.

Friday, Feb 11th from 6:00pm – 7:30pm

Join Donna Christensen for a restorative Yin Yoga practice and Gong Sound Bath in a thoughtfully created environment with candlelight, roses, soothing music, crystals, and a special gift at the end. $35/per person.

Click here to sign up for this Galentine’s Day Event

 Heart-Centered Meditation

Connect with your innermost self in this heart-centered meditation led by  Jessica Ruff. 

Saturday, February 12th from 4-5pm

We’ll use mindfulness, awareness, and visualization to cultivate love and affection for the self. Meditation and mindfulness offer us an opportunity to foster self-love that supports kindness, confidence, and connection. The more love we have inside, the more love we have to share with those around us. This event will be charged as a regular class.

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New Pilates Barre Class on Wednesdays

Introducing Pilates Barre with Candice Kehayes on Wednesdays at 5:30pm.  

This class takes the basic foundations of Pilates and combines them with ballet-inspired moves as well as incorporating elements of yoga and strength training. 

These exercises are designed to improve balance and flexibility, build strength and improve stability through a stronger core.  It’s the perfect blend of balance, endurance and flexibility, sculpting, toning and chiseling the body. This class is appropriate for students of all levels.

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Holiday Challenge Final Standings


We’ve have seen some very impressive results from our members! Here are the final standings of this 90 days competition.

1st Place: Lisa N. finishes strong with an amazing 67 classes!

2nd Place: Tammy D. finishes in second with 60 classes!

3rd Place: Jackson H. comes in a close third with 59 classes!

4th Place: Elaine M. finishes in fourth with an impressive 58 classes!

5th Place: Mary R. comes in fifth with 48 classes!

6th Place: Rachel D. comes in a close sixth with 46 classes!

7th Place: Karen B. comes in seventh with a solid 40 classes!

8th Place: Tracy G. ties for eighth with an impressive 39 classes!

8th Place: Margie T. ties for eighth also completing 39 classes!

9th Place: Monty H. finishes in the top 10 with 34 classes!

10th Place: Ikuko L. sneaks into the top 10 with 31 classes!

There were a total of 27 Body Balance members who met the challenge, won a Body Balance T-Shirt and were entered into the drawing for a free month unlimited membership at Body Balance. 

The winner of the drawing was Katherine S., congratulations to her and all of our members who completed the challenge! You All Rock!

For a complete list of the members who completed the challenge and the overall rankings , please stop by the front desk and ask to see the list of results.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Wishing all of our members a wonderful Valentine’s Day!  We love seeing you at the studio!  You are the glue that keeps our yoga community together and you inspire us everyday!  We cannot thank you enough for everything you do to make Body Balance such a special “happy” place!

Updated Class Schedule for February

Weekly Class Schedule – February 2022


8am Hot Yoga with Emma Sophie

10am Multi-level Flow with Amanda

12pm Gentle Flow Yoga with Paul

5:30pm Pilates Yoga with Caroline

6pm Hot Vinyasa with Heather


7am Sunrise Flow with Jessica

9am Hot Yoga with Jessica

12pm Gentle Restorative Yoga with Paul

6pm Warm Slow Flow with Bunkie


8am Hot Yoga with Amanda

10am Multi-Level Flow with Amanda

12pm Tai Chi/Qigong Gentle Flow with Richard

5:30pm Pilates Barre with Candice

6pm Hot Yoga with Katherine/Lauren*

*This class has rotating teachers, check the online schedule for details


7am Sunrise Flow with Jessica

9am Hot Yoga with Jessica

12pm Gentle Flow Yoga with Caroline

6pm Warm Vinyasa Flow with Amanda


8am Hot Yoga with Emma Sophie

10am Feel Good Flow with Emma Sophie

12pm Yin Yoga with Donna


8am Vinyasa with Jessica

9:30am Hot Yoga with Emma Sophie


8am Hot Yoga with Bunkie

10am Soulful Sunday Flow with Jessica

5pm Candlelight Restorative Lauren

Please note that class times may change so check the website or our app for any changes. We also post information on class schedule changes on Facebook and Instagram. 

Click here for a printable version of our weekly schedule

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