Workshop: Connect to Core; Connect to Self

Workshop: Connect to Core; Connect to Self

When a teacher says “engage your core,” are you left wondering, how do I do that? 

Join us on Saturday, January 29th from 11am-1pm for this special workshop with Jessica Ruff. 

Tap into your core center by learning how to engage your bandhas and the nuances of using your 360 core. Core engagement is more than abdominals, it’s also obliques, posterior core, pelvic floor, and the transverse abdominis. 

Finding your center will help you integrate and engage more fully in any pose or transition on the yoga mat. Once you learn how to truly engage and tap into the powerhouse of your center, you’ll discover a new level of integration throughout your practice. 

This workshop will begin with a core-focused vinyasa practice, followed by a guided meditation that will help connect us with the innermost self.  We’ll wrap up with a discussion and exercise on connecting with our deepest selves and dharma (purpose). You’ll leave feeling connected to center, physically and energetically. $35/per person to attend. 

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