COVID Protocol (updated 1/7/2021)

COVID Protocol (updated 1/7/2021)

Studio Entry and Exit Protocol
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We typically open our doors 20 minutes prior to the start of class. Masks are required in the studio at all
times except when you are on your mat. Hand sanitizer is available in the practice room, bathrooms and
at the front desk.

Upon entering the studio

* Put on your mask, take your shoes off, put your belongings in the cubbies and check in at the front

* Please do not bring cell phones into the practice room, they must remain in the cubbies or in your

* Practice social distancing in the rest rooms and in all areas of the studio.

* When entering the practice room, please place your mat on a marked spot.

At the end of class

* Put on your mask after savasana and exit the practice room one person at a time.

* Continue to practice social distancing in the rest rooms and all other areas of the studio.

* If you want to purchase anything or to buy a package, please step aside and wait until everyone

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