Welcome Back: Reopening News and Guidelines from Body Balance Studio

Welcome Back: Reopening News and Guidelines from Body Balance Studio

This has been an incredibly difficult time for us – but first of all we wanted to thank each and every one of you who has stayed with us!

We reopen June 10th and are ready to Bloom again!

Welcome back!

Our doors are reopening and we’ve taken steps 

to help keep you safe. 



Your safety is our top priority.

Masks in Lobby and Bathrooms are required.

We’ve kept the studio squeaky clean while you’ve been away. We’ll continue to do so, and will be thoroughly sanitizing before and after each class.

The showers are not allowed to be used during Phase 2.

There will not be any Yoga Props or sweat towels available. (We highly recommend you bring your own yoga accessories, especially towels for hot yoga)



We’ve lowered our class capacity to 8 to allow for adequate social distancing of 10 feet.  Advanced online or app sign-up will be required (no walk-ins).

Mat placement will clearly be pre-marked and sufficiently spaced for comfort and ease of set up prior to class.



We’ve increased transition time between classes.

To reduce the amount of contact between clients and allow for adequate cleaning, we’ve updated our class times. Head to our schedule to see the changes!



We’ll continue with our live stream and on-demand classes.

For clients who aren’t ready to come back into the studio just yet, we’ll continue to host live streams to keep you moving from home!



Let’s have fun!

 There will be opportunities to buy items and win some raffles soon so stay in touch with us on social media and check your emails often.



If you feel sick, please stay home.

Working out is not only counterproductive when you’re sick, it’s also a safety concern right now. To help protect the well-being of our community, we’ve also instructed our staff to stay home if they have even the slightest of symptoms.



We are monitoring local, state, and federal guidelines as well as using common sense.

We missed getting fit together, but we’re committed to our community’s health. We’ll keep you posted if the situation changes and intend to play it safe.

We will open 20 min prior to class.Wear your mask and put your belongings into the cubbies.We request to leave as much you can in your car! Enter the exercise room and go to a marked spot. Stay on your mat. Hand sanitizer will be available. If you use the bathrooms be aware of practicing social distancing. Enjoy class!

After Shavasanna exit one after the other in the studio-no lingering in the lobby… if you want to purchase anythingor to buy a package or class, step aside and wait until everyone exits.  Exit and enjoy the after yoga effects – JOY!

We are working very hard to make the reopening as easy and pleasant for everyone but also safe!  We were missing you all so much! Please spread the word and help us to build up our community!  We need help and support from you all as you are the source and heart of Body Balance!

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