What exactly is Yoga Therapy?

What exactly is Yoga Therapy?

Most of us understand that yoga is already therapeutic but what exactly is Yoga Therapy? Imagine having the tools to take part in your own health recovery and healing. Yoga Therapy is a way to hone into those skills within your own body applying yogic tools such as postures, breathwork, mediation, and more to address specific physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual needs. Yoga Therapists have specialized training to help them assess the needs of their clients and tailor their therapy to those needs for optimal results. They work with you on your specific goals while taking into consideration any limitations you may have.

Yoga Therapy addresses a range of concerns such as chronic pain, neurologic issues, mental health, illness support, and healthy aging. Yoga Therapy taps into our body’s own healing potential. We are exposed to toxins and stressors in our environment on a daily basis and it is helpful to be as proactive as we can with maintaining our overall well being.

Our studio is happy to acknowledge that we are the only studio in our area that offers Yoga Therapy. We would love to help you with your health goals. If you would like to schedule a session with one of our Yoga Therapists please contact our studio directly or schedule online with MindBody.

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