Five Awesome Apps For The Tech Savvy Yogi

Five Awesome Apps For The Tech Savvy Yogi

Even when you’re on the go, there are plenty of ways to incorporate yoga into your everyday life.  Using these simple apps, you can improve your practice and your life outside the studio.  Take a moment, take stock, and help stop the glorification of busy.

1. 5 Minute Yoga

So, you wake up and get the kids to school, come home, shower, get dressed, and then BAM!  All of the sudden it’s time to go to bed again!  We understand.  The day can get away from you.  But, even on the super busy ones, take a moment to center yourself.  5 Minute Yoga offers a quick way to find your breath and get your blood moving in the midst of a crazy life.

2. Stop, Breath & Think

Stop Breath & Think is a primer in meditation.  Listen as you are guided through simple meditation exercises that will leave you calm, relaxed, and focused.  Stop, Breath & Think is produced by Tools for Peace, which is an organization promoting practical methods to support mindfulness and positivity in children and teens.

3. Breathing Zone

Calm and center yourself with Breathing Zone.  In yoga, we focus on the Breath.  It serves as the link between the body and the mind; the mind and the spirit.  Bring this mindful focus with you wherever you go–not just in class.

4. Sleep Genius

A good night’s rest is your first line of defense against sickness.  When you wake up energized, you wake up ready to take on the day and all the challenges it holds.  Take charge and choose to get a good night’s rest with the Sleep Genius app.  It monitors sleep cycles and ensures that you’ll be ready to tackle that early morning hot Vinyasa class…

5. Salute The Desk

If you haven’t yet heard the term “active office” then you are missing out!  Salute The Desk encourages you to combat a sedentary lifestyle and get your blood flowing.  Haven’t you heard?  Sitting is the new smoking.  Don’t be that guy.  And, as they say in the TED Talk, there are options: get moving with these simple exercises!

Bonus: Kids Yogaverse

For those of you out there with little ones in your midst–check out Kids Yogaverse.  There are several programs that are fun, interactive and imaginative.  Kids need to take stock too, and this is a great method to actively promote mindfulness and self-awareness in children.

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