10 Fun Yoga Facts For Thanksgiving!

10 Fun Yoga Facts For Thanksgiving!

Here are ten fun yoga facts to enjoy over your Thanksgiving break!  Remember, BodyBalance is offering classes all week!  Join us as we stretch out after the holiday feast!  And now, without further ado…

1. A male yoga practitioner is a Yogi, while a female practitioner is a Yogini

2. You have a dominant nostril!

3. World’s oldest yoga teacher is 96-year-old Tao Porchon Lynch

4. Yoga is one of the first forms of globalization

5. Ancient Yogis believed that we have a finite number of breaths; therefore, they wanted to extend life by taking long, slow breaths

6. Yoga is a $27 Billion industry

7. International Yoga Day is celebrated on June 21

8. Here’s an article about what it’s like to practice Yoga in the nude!

9. While there are seven main Chakras, there are actually 114 throughout your body

10. There are over 20 Million people practicing Yoga in the USA


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