Five Tips For Hot Yoga Beginners

Five Tips For Hot Yoga Beginners

It’s all in the name.  Hot Yoga is HOT!  At its pinnacle, the room will reach over 100 degrees.  Those of us who are new to this form of practice might find the title a bit intimidating.  Never fear!  Here at BodyBalance, we will provide you with an experience that is both educational and rejuvenating.  Here’s what you need to know before your first BodyBalance Hot Yoga Class:

1.Drink Up!

It is incredibly important to stay hydrated– particularly before a Hot Yoga Class.  However, make sure that this is a gradual process.  Ever gone on a run with a stomach sloshing with water?  It’s uncomfortable.  Maintain hydration by drinking water in the couple of days before a hot yoga class.  Take a look at these myths and facts about staying hydrated.

2. Dress Appropriately

Make sure to not only wear Yoga-appropriate clothing, but also to keep it light and airy.  Hot Yoga is no time to be overly modest.  For example, do not wear long sleeves or pants!  Wear materials that specifically manage heat and perspiration.  Here are some examples of clothes to check out.  This investment in your comfort will help create a successful class experience.

3. Don’t Overdo It

Hot Yoga can be deceiving.  The heat allows for increased blood flow to ligaments in joints, which makes you more flexible.  However, be careful not to over-extend.  Properly stretch and keep hydrated. Be mindful of your body and its experience.  Our teachers are more than happy to discuss certain postures with you.

4. Take a Break

Again, be mindful of your body.  If you feel dizzy or panicky then take a break!  Concentrate on your breath and take a moment to reorient yourself in Child’s Pose.  Respect where you and your body are in your practice.

5. Eat Well

Make sure to eat healthfully before a Hot Yoga class!  You will need your energy!  However, make sure that you don’t eat anything in the one to two hours before your class.  A cramped stomach won’t help your experience.  Take a look through this list of recommended foods to eat while taking Hot Yoga.


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